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Most of you have seen a recent announcement from the president of Academy Funding of Bastrop and the Tribe Consolidated Warriors (TCW), that the sports portion of the organization we have all enjoyed is winding down this summer and is no longer able to offer sports for home, private, and public school athletes—including sports starting later this summer.  Before we say anything else, we would like to thank all who have served TCW for the last 15 years–the founders, coaches, pastors, community leaders, public school partners, competing teams and organizations, and everyone else who made TCW possible.  We especially need to thank Vance and the rest of the Ray family for all they did to help grow TCW.  Along with many unnamed stalwarts who have served so many of our young athletes, all these people and organizations brought us to this inflection point in our history and for that we are eternally grateful.  

As Christian parents and athletes, we must strive to do our very best to do what we–with prayer and wise counsel–believe God desires of us to glorify Him and to serve the current and future students who wish to continue to participate in athletics in Bastrop County.  We believe that an excellent, Christ-centered, athletic organization is good for those who serve as coaches and volunteers (see Acts 20:35), for the athletes (see 2 Timothy 2:5), for our homeschool and private school community (see Acts 2:42), and as a wonderful connecting point for us in the broader world (see John 13:35).  Moreover, we believe this type of organization needs to not only continue but also to grow and achieve still greater success than it has in the past; and that’s exactly what we intend to bring forth–starting right now.  

The name of the new athletic organization is Tribe Athletics, and here are the immediate steps that are being undertaken:

  1. Register:  This Friday, July 30, registration will open for the following sports:
    • Football
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Cheer

(Track & Golf registration will be open this fall)

Because we do not have immediate access to TCW’s registration records, we need to ask everyone to register with the new organization.  We will endeavor to include everyone on a team who was previously registered with TCW. 

2. Volunteer:  Tribe Athletics expects to be a 100% volunteer organization of families serving each other so that all our children will have an excellent place to express their God given ability with and among their peers.  Every parent needs to expect to serve in some capacity.  

3. Positively Support:  More than ever, Tribe Athletics needs your prayers and your encouragement.  If you see something that needs improvement, offer suggested solutions to anyone of the individuals listed below.  Be a positive force for improvement and change.

While many individuals are helping with this transition, the best source of information will be the new website located at  To stay connected use the following:

Romans 8:28 says, “All things happen for the good for those who trust in the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”  In the midst of the challenges we face, may we all trust God, pray fervently for outcomes for our children and our community greater than we could imagine, and seek to serve each other in Christ-centered community.

In Him, 

Chris Kirby 

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